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HDB Flats

It is my honest opinion Singapore is a country where innovation is sorely lacking. The entrenchment of top talent in the Civil Service and in the Safe sectors of Commerce also helped to preserve the status quo. As a result, in the past 10 years Singapore’s growth had relied greatly on cheaper and cheaper labour through displacement of its own citizens with ever cheaper labourers and PMETs from other developing countries.

Yet as wages remain stagnant, the cost of living has relentlessly rose, even if some of the factors were due to the current global instability. Still, it has meant that our low and middle class gets more and more poor at the expense of the rich.

The building of the 2 integrated resorts and promotion of Singapore as a Rich Man’s safe haven also helped to exacerbate the rich poor divide.

I believe however that innovation and a sense of justice can help to minimize our problems.

In the UK, we have seen the unveiling of the Raspberry Pi, a simple Personal Computer for only SGD58. This concept was first thought by a group of university students who lamented the current state of electronics and wanted something simple yet functional for the masses. They put their thoughts into action and after a few years of experimenting then discussions with their local manufacturers, today we have the Raspberry Pi shipping out to the World!

Having this in mind, we have to think along the lines and develop cheap, durable and easy to construct buildings that can house our population. With the earlier batches of HDB flats getting old, we may need to demolish them and build new units on their site. If we can lower cost of affording a flat to levels that would not saddle people with a generation of debt, surely it will do much to improve national well being and stress levels.

Only when people are free that they will be able to contribute to society meaningfully.