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Goodsmile Saber Lily

Yesterday was a wonderful day for photoshoots, with some excellent sunlight lasting all the way into the late evening.

This sclupt by Goodsmile Company was delayed twice due to quality control issues, before it was released for sale. The figures arrived in Singapore on 25 September, and collectors were asked to collect them asap. (Figurine will be sold in 1weeks time if not claimed)… Something that happens rarely in Singapore.

The figure build is good, but issues with the quality can still be seen. Some small black smudges can be seen along part of her translucent dress, along with slight colour inconsistency for some of the figures. Some figures can also be seen sporting slight bumps on the PVC itself.

Still, I’d take this anytime over the upcoming Alter one.

See more of Saber Lily @ my Flickr Set:


Urban Garden

See more on Flickr. I’ll just say its an excellent spot for resting and the garden is remarkably well sclupted.

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