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Seiyuu Wallpaper

Took my magazines from Kinokuniya yesterday… and saw these beautiful pinups T_T. Sad to say in the name of capitalism, they aren’t going to remain mine for long… But at least I can preserve them in digital form? Thus I went to scan them, and even though the scan quality aren’t very good (its a HP Deskjet…), mai hiam not bad la ar?

At least now I have 2 megami on my desktop everytime i reach home ^_^

Full version (1680×1050) with poster center line can be downloaded here.
PS… photobucket seems to be getting lousier as it evolves…… any better alternatives that offers good control other than flickr?


Scanning my 声優 Posters

I’m a very lazy person, so I didn’t blog last week, instead spending the time on this unintruiging sandbox known as Anno 1404.

Anyway, yesterday I wanted to scan some my 声優 Posters as I wanted a digital backup so that whatever I do to them in future (eg: laminating), even if the process fails, I still have a copy for storage…

Then again, armed with only a HP F4185 that isn’t bought on my own money, the scan quality isn’t that great to begin with -_-. Luckily there’s always Photoshop and the internet for tips on reducing moire.

So the end result after demoire-ing a 600dpi to 1280×800:
(Click for full version)

ところで, Nov 18 was Chihara Minori’s birthday! Although late, I still wish her a happy birthday ^_^