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Essential items in a bag

To re-issue the following to the main bag and think of ways to compartmentise in as little space and weight as possible:

1x Tea bag/ 1x Coffee bag/ 1x soup pack

1x Tab of Panadol/ 2x Plaster

1x Pen/ 1xPencil/ 1x Measuring Tape/ 1x Black Tape/ 1x Torch Light

Remaining space to be comfortable enough to store the following items:

1x Headphone/ 1x MP3 Player


To Do

[Edit 12 March]

Search and buy the following, for as low a cost as possible:

1 x mini rack to vertically shelf items, with space for hiding wires (Requirement changed, solved with other methods)

1 x brush, for dusting purposes (not done)

3 x cloth, microfibre, for cleaning purposes (need to buy again as the cloth have been expended for other purposes)

In addition, do the following if time permits after work and procrastination

Clean the 2 glass shelf (2/5 cleaned)

Wash the figurines (2 cleaned, many others still in the queue, some will probably never get cleaned completely)