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Thought through for some time before sorting out my flickr and picasa to mirror each other. I think they looked a lot more organised now ^^

Figurines – I shall post figurine shots in this folder and slowly build up the variety instead of spamming shots… Might make it better this way…

Butterflies – Butterflies that I took in Singapore

Flowers – The various flowers I’ve taken in Singapore.

Random – Those random unclassfied shots will be put inside here.


Kotobukiya’s Kasugano Sora

Kasugano Sora

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Wonderfest Figures

This wonderfest has some nice figures slated to be released over the next few months…

This fate tesstarossa is a get… >< It’s just too cute ^^

After I ordered the Goodsmile version… here comes Alter with its own rendition of Senjyougahara Hitagi. I dare say I might not had ordered GSC’s one had I seen this first…… though both are awesome 😀

Dizzy from Guilty Gear. Quite nicely sculpted… if I go more cash on hand I wouldnt hesitate to order… …


Tsubasa Cat :3

Beatmania idol. Very nice clothes, twintail and nekomimi… mmmm…

Goodsmile Akashiya Moka

Picasa Album here:

Goodsmile Akashiya Moka

Trying to unbox Nanoha

Wanted to debox my 高町なのは the movie 1st, but in the end I didnt expect it to be so hard to put up… Or maybe I phail at time management.

The paper contains detailed instructions on putting her arm on with her Raising Heart… the arm is not very easy to take out especially with the plastic on -_-

Very nice base plate. Nanoha is bound to the base plate using 2 metal support sticks, which I didnt get to mount it on(anyway I also dont have the time)

Lines are clearly defined, so any indication of blurry lines might indicate either poor camera post processing or the authenticity of the figure in doubt?

… Now to some off topic stuff… Was trying hard to assemble her fast so that I can shoot her at the artificial lake before I have to go home and prepare to book in… but then an uncle riding by stopped by the pavilion where I was sitting and started asking questions about the figure and talking about his family… how his so and so son was the chief medic or so in the forces, and how his other so and so son liked japanese figurines too, how he spent a bomb on buying ultraman… etc; then asking me whether I am rich since all these are expensive and rambling on how his son in laws were rich folks using their parents money and not working. So sorry but this poor CPL here buys these on his own money, that pittance saved over not going for nights out and limiting the amount of movies (and along with it, dinners) watched per month…

… Probably I wont want to unbox her again unless its for long term display. A second Detolf? Uh-uh I dont think Detolf fits what I had in mind…

春日野 穹


… …
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I had to buy this o_O, and so I ordered it via kknm… Haven’t been ordering figures from kknm for quite some time now, since Aniplay manages to get MSLN figures for a few dollars cheaper usually, but since Aniplay isn’t open kknm gets the deal :3

Online preorders ftw ^^

White Album Dolfies

Ogata Rina's Photo
(Taken from Volk’s Dolfie Blog)
… Stunning… … So real…

But I can’t~ afford~ it… T_T