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Random Musings…

まあ… Feeling a bit down because I couldn’t attend this year’s EOY. Reasons were entirely caused by myself…

As most interested should had known by now, this year’s EOY is organised by an entirely new committee; other than the much more accessible location of being at the NLB, they also managed to invite seiyuu 牧野由依 in for a event and concert (later today).

Seriously if I had remembered EOY’s date 2-3months ago, then maybe I would had arranged and I wouldn’t be here behind a パソコン typing this post… Oh well…


AFA 09 – Impressions

Went to AFA on both Saturday and Sunday with my army friends (though not for the entire day). Missed the Saturday Regional Cosplay because we were slightly late and also had to queue for tickets. Should had gotten them at kknm beforehand…

Overall, I guessed it is not bad, having attracted wide attention for Anime culture in general. Other than the locals, I also see a lot of Malaysians which actually brought up the quality of the cosplay (imo) and also contributed greatly to sales.

Also saw that La Tendo was doing a great kill at the event, they seem to be selling like hotcakes even at that price; Kknm was the usual with a long long queue which I didn’t bother to enter (because I prefer to go to their shop and browse – its somewhat cosier that way).

Kurocha had some acrylic shelfs that I can’t afford and several nendriods/ figures at a much more reasonable rate, poisonous enough that my friend bought Aroun and Riannon (of Tears to Tiara) Nendriod.

Also saw wooden and metal swords going for sale. Those China folks must be reeling in, seeing that those Fate/Stay Night/ Bleach designs get sold by the dozens every few minutes.

One thing I forgot is the ‘US Army’ guy selling weapon replicas and torchlights. Those torchlights are good… especially for NS men like me… Lasts longer, smaller and brighter than the ones we get. The handy size works on 1 AAA, so its easy to replace.

The Sunday K-ON! cast was crowded as expected, however they dissapointed the crowd by not having the Seiyuu of Akiyama Mio (日笠陽子). They did like dubbing of the show, and had a short Q&A afterwards, though the questions asked were not so interesting. Ritsu was more shy than I’d expected, and Toyosaki Aki is seriously not unlike Yui (ボケ). Afterwards, 4 free signatures were given out to the seated audience (seated means early birds, lucky them).

Overall was okay I guess, though I will always prefer a cosier form rather than a full scale convention.

Time Flies…

When I was young, I used to visit Charlton Swimming Complex for swimming lessons. It was an old swimming complex, but very cozy and near Kovan (thus being near the food and buses XD ). I don’t think many people know of its location though, being hidden inside a private residental area. Today, it is no longer a Swimming Complex, but home to Ebiculture and a few other dining establishments.

This stairway used to lead to the Complex canteen. I never liked the food there though, much more choices at Kovan’s many coffeeshops and hawker centre.

Where the medium pool (aka 1.2-1.5m depth) used to be is now a carpark for people to park and enjoy prawning or a drink at the bar next to Ebiculture.

Indeed how time flies… Those were the days where I just have to study, and nary a though about money, or work. (PS: I know we should had poked the prawns tail up, but never mind at least it worked too)

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涼宮ハルヒ Nendriod Puchi @ AOH09

Didn’t really took alot of photos as my friend was rushing me to go off instead. Also the place was crowded with a endless stream of visitors, including many young children and their parents.


All hail the arrival of the Queen, HMS Suzumiya Haruhi and her Chief of Defense, Field Marshal Nagato Yuki.



Asahina commanding the artillery pieces with pinpoint precision.



Leopard 2A4.


afa09 news


So afa09 would be held on the 21 and 22 of November at Suntec Convention Hall 403/404 as usual. I didn’t go for afa08, for reasons I can’t remember but looking at this years line-up, I’m still not exactly impressed.

They have invited May’n as well as Ichirou Mizuki again for this year’s concert. New additions are Yoshiki Fukuyama and Nagakawa Shoko or Shoko-tan. Although May’n and the JAM brothers can sing well, I would have prefered adding another female artist to the list. As for Shoko-tan, I’m guessing she will be there to cosplay as well as some singing.

As for using Suntec again, I can understand that Suntec is a natural hotspot for gathering people, but the halls have terrible acoustics and really isn’t suited for conducting mini concerts.

Its a 50/50 for me.