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A New Year

And so, it has been a week since the start of 2010… It will be a year of many changes, especially for people serving NS like me.

The times spent in camp will soon come to an end, beginning with the ORD-ing of what was then the newbies. Many will go on to further their studies, some will find work and become a 社会人… Maybe a few 浪人 as well.

I should also start thinking about doing something soon, otherwise I will be in trouble when my time arrives…

A dark new it seems for me…


Random Musings…

まあ… Feeling a bit down because I couldn’t attend this year’s EOY. Reasons were entirely caused by myself…

As most interested should had known by now, this year’s EOY is organised by an entirely new committee; other than the much more accessible location of being at the NLB, they also managed to invite seiyuu 牧野由依 in for a event and concert (later today).

Seriously if I had remembered EOY’s date 2-3months ago, then maybe I would had arranged and I wouldn’t be here behind a パソコン typing this post… Oh well…

1 Year of NS

Since I’ll probably be too “busy” hikkikomori-ing around during the final days of the year, I’ll write this down first.

September 2008, I was just an enlistee to Singapore’s National Service. Like most people, I been through BMT in Tekong, 13weeks of it since I was a PTP batch, and I think I had been quite lucky to have had nice sergeants and commanders during that period. Living in communal environment wasn’t as bad as it sounded, and the training though harsh; we were also given plenty of rest to recover.

After the 24km through the night, along with 3 other companies, I Passed Out from Tekong in December 08, where I enjoyed my block off period before posting to the Signals Formation, which was truely a blessing. There, I met many nice people (though also a few not so nice ones), and enjoyed like minded hobbies as well.

Driving course wasn’t so fun, being shouted at by the instructors most of the day, and the requirement to memorize traffic rules and be proficient with them in a week or 2 put trememdous stress on me. But in the end thanks to the incessant scoldings I managed to pass the military driving assessments, “graduating” from the less than comfortable lodging at the Driving School back to my unit, where I was to be based there for the rest of my NS.

In my unit, there were few distinction between specialists and man; we all did the same work. Many a kind soul helped me along the way, and slowly I earned my rank of CPL. I became more proficient in my job scope, and learnt to accept that some people are more garang or chao keng than others.

Although NS is a state obligation, with its associated risk and stuff, I am still glad that I had been to NS. Through NS, I met many kinds of people that I wouldn’t had met and also learnt how to work and communicate better. If given the choice, I will probably still choose to go to NS.

Time Flies…

When I was young, I used to visit Charlton Swimming Complex for swimming lessons. It was an old swimming complex, but very cozy and near Kovan (thus being near the food and buses XD ). I don’t think many people know of its location though, being hidden inside a private residental area. Today, it is no longer a Swimming Complex, but home to Ebiculture and a few other dining establishments.

This stairway used to lead to the Complex canteen. I never liked the food there though, much more choices at Kovan’s many coffeeshops and hawker centre.

Where the medium pool (aka 1.2-1.5m depth) used to be is now a carpark for people to park and enjoy prawning or a drink at the bar next to Ebiculture.

Indeed how time flies… Those were the days where I just have to study, and nary a though about money, or work. (PS: I know we should had poked the prawns tail up, but never mind at least it worked too)

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バスカッシュ ED2 – 二人の約束

Although Basquash is not in my watch list, its ED2 sounds wonderful to me. Credits to 戸松遥 (Tomatsu Haruka)、中島愛 (Nakajima Megumi)、早見沙織 (Hayami Saori).

Hence I am sharing this LQ versions here:
01 – 二人の約束.mp4

02 – ホシワタリ.mp4


Consumed by the state
5 1/2 days per week
Until one’s lives and actions
Literately becomes part and parcel of the state

1 1/2 days one is free
Yet left with a sense of helplessness
Of what exactly to do
When bereft of Authority




家にですけどゼンゼン気持ち悪い。友達と家族に話のときが喧嘩て… おかげであのこがもう吾に何も言ってない…