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声優アニメディア 3月

This month’s Seiyuu Animedia features 戸松遥 on the cover page ^^
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Ordered 4 singles through Zenical after the Chinese New Year, where we juniors will usually get a small windfall in the form of ang pao. After splitting some out to save, the remaining were happily passed to Zenical who helped me order 4 奈々ちゃん related singles – Phantom Minds, Silent Bible, Sound of Destiny and last by of course not the least, Powder Snow.

Was pleasantly surprised when I managed to get the first press when Zenical had told me that CDJapan stated ‘Out of First Press’. Then Zenical said that she’d rather prefer a solid jewel case compared to this. Which in a sense is true as this paper casing is suspectable to more wear and tear as compared to a plastic jewel case.

I still liked the way they packaged it though. Being set in 1980’s, where Laser Disks, Cassettes were the mainstream music recording and playback format and Vinyls still being used sparingly, the first press is designed to mimic it, with the CD encapsulated in a thin plastic wrap. The CD itself also has grooves mimicking Vinyl, which makes the 古い feel more complete.

Since its set in 1980, I decided to go with the feel and put beside it an old AKG 240M that has been through some rough times before reaching my hands… Dang… If only I had an old CD player maybe it will be more realistic www…

魔法少女リリカルなのはA’s Portable OP & ED

Blatantly extracted from the umdiso (ahaha~) and recoded it with neroaac to vbr q = 0.36, so the quality is quite reasonable.

The OP is Silent Bible by 水樹奈々, which will be on sale this coming Febuary 10. ED is Tiny Rainbow (if I’m not wrong) by 田村ゆかり as with the trend for MSLN rofl. Tiny Rainbow is part of ゆかりん’s single “My wish My love”, of which the A melody is also the ED for MSLN the Movie. It is already in stores 🙂

Download from my box:
Silent Bible
Tiny Rainbow

Rest of my humble box

Edit:… Also in related news, 奈々ちゃん is also playing the game as can be seen in her blogpost.

魔法少女リリカルなのはA’s Portable

… Was what kept me busy for the past 2 days after I went on off. The game is decent, and since its one of my favourite アニメ with favourite seiyuus as well, such as 水樹奈々, 田村ゆかり and 植田佳奈. Its good to see Nanoha, Fate and Hayate in action again, even though its no exactly canon.

Was playing as Fate when I first started, but got pwn’ed early in the game so I decided to try out as Nanoha instead. Ends up I probably wouldn’t be able to get any of the Material characters in the game.

If you want Material-S (aka Dark Nanoha), you need 3 scrolls of (logic?). As for Material-L (Dark Fate) it is 3 scrolls of strength, and Material-D is 3 scrolls of the King. The scrolls are only given once, and you cant get all 3 materials in a save.

Character… … Gives
Nanoha… … …Logic 1
Vita… … … …Logic 2
Zafira… … … .Logic 3

Fate… … … ..Strength 1
Signum… … …Strength 2
Chrono… … …Strength 3

Hayate… … …King 1
Reinforce I… ..King 2
Shamal… … …King 3

Completing a character route will unlock CG for your viewing pleasure, such as these…



Had hoped that the game would be more engaging though. The replay value will drop alot after you complete the characters routes, and the vs room only consist of vs mode. If they add some other minigames in the vs mode, it would had encouraged people to play it more frequently.

White Album Character Song

Was really glad I am listening to these even though they are supposed to be on sale tomorrow…:)

Sample them in HE-AAC 48kbs
Morikawa Yuki’s (CV Hirano Aya) 恋色空

Ogata Rina’s (CV Mizuki Nana) POWDER SNOW

Would really like to buy and collect them, but as of now I am broke… so any purchases are shelfed for the next 3 months T_T


After weeks of waiting and listening to previews over Mの世界, I finally received my single yesterday night. Really thanks to my NS friend シトさん who brought it into camp while I was on duty and of course バカボイ who had to stand my incessant ranting on weekdays over the collection of the CD.

This is the so called darker side of 深愛, 奈々ちゃん’s 19th Single released when season 1 of White Album aired one year ago. Keeping up with the nice enamel coloured CD case for 深愛, 夢幻 also has a nice navy coloured casing. Note that these are only true for 1st press, which makes it all the more worthwhile to get.

Along with the single, information on Live Academy and the BD/DVD release of Live Diamond x Fever were also given. As some have pointed out, what is 奈々ちゃん thinking by hosting her concert at 福岡 on Valentine’s Day? (lawl)


01. 夢幻
作曲:上松範康(Elements Garden)
編曲:藤田淳平(Elements Garden)

As usual, this combo delivers well, though as a fan I would like 奈々ちゃん’s songs to be written not so exclusively by Elements Garden, because Elements Garden writes songs for many アニソン artistes, and when there’s less competition (amongst the composers), quality usually suffers.

Back to the song itself, I like the way the lyrics are so smoothly linked together in the chorus part, which I think few can pull off such an execution ≧ω≦

02. 天空のカナリア

This is the OP for Tales of Symphonia the Animation. Another great song with excellent tune and lyrics.

03. Dear Dream

Hmm, Card Gakuen doesn’t deserve such a nice song as its ED. Dear Dream is a kind of song not unlike 空時計 or SUPER GENERATION, relaxing and enjoyable.


Hmm, a good concluding song? All I can say is that I really enjoyed all 4 tracks.

LQ Version available here as usual:, though I will strongly encourage buying the single especially since the main track 夢幻 is a such a track that only listening to the original gives it the justice it deserve.

marble – 空想ジェット

Was listening to marble’s new album which was released on 7 October and was nicely impressed by the melodies… They had this very soothing feel, which is a nice balance instead of the fast paced or more serious tunes that I usually listen to.

Samples from my box:
01 – 初恋 limited.mp4
03 – ハミングバード.mp4