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声優アニメディア 3月

This month’s Seiyuu Animedia features 戸松遥 on the cover page ^^
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Seiyuu Wallpaper

Took my magazines from Kinokuniya yesterday… and saw these beautiful pinups T_T. Sad to say in the name of capitalism, they aren’t going to remain mine for long… But at least I can preserve them in digital form? Thus I went to scan them, and even though the scan quality aren’t very good (its a HP Deskjet…), mai hiam not bad la ar?

At least now I have 2 megami on my desktop everytime i reach home ^_^

Full version (1680×1050) with poster center line can be downloaded here.
PS… photobucket seems to be getting lousier as it evolves…… any better alternatives that offers good control other than flickr?


Ordered 4 singles through Zenical after the Chinese New Year, where we juniors will usually get a small windfall in the form of ang pao. After splitting some out to save, the remaining were happily passed to Zenical who helped me order 4 奈々ちゃん related singles – Phantom Minds, Silent Bible, Sound of Destiny and last by of course not the least, Powder Snow.

Was pleasantly surprised when I managed to get the first press when Zenical had told me that CDJapan stated ‘Out of First Press’. Then Zenical said that she’d rather prefer a solid jewel case compared to this. Which in a sense is true as this paper casing is suspectable to more wear and tear as compared to a plastic jewel case.

I still liked the way they packaged it though. Being set in 1980’s, where Laser Disks, Cassettes were the mainstream music recording and playback format and Vinyls still being used sparingly, the first press is designed to mimic it, with the CD encapsulated in a thin plastic wrap. The CD itself also has grooves mimicking Vinyl, which makes the 古い feel more complete.

Since its set in 1980, I decided to go with the feel and put beside it an old AKG 240M that has been through some rough times before reaching my hands… Dang… If only I had an old CD player maybe it will be more realistic www…

魔法少女リリカルなのはA’s Portable OP & ED

Blatantly extracted from the umdiso (ahaha~) and recoded it with neroaac to vbr q = 0.36, so the quality is quite reasonable.

The OP is Silent Bible by 水樹奈々, which will be on sale this coming Febuary 10. ED is Tiny Rainbow (if I’m not wrong) by 田村ゆかり as with the trend for MSLN rofl. Tiny Rainbow is part of ゆかりん’s single “My wish My love”, of which the A melody is also the ED for MSLN the Movie. It is already in stores 🙂

Download from my box:
Silent Bible
Tiny Rainbow

Rest of my humble box

Edit:… Also in related news, 奈々ちゃん is also playing the game as can be seen in her blogpost.

Happy Birthday to 水樹奈々

お誕生日おめでとう! Today, January 21 marks Mizuki Nana’s 30th birthday! I wish her a happy birthday and may all her dreams come true!

Taken from her oricon profile pages. ^^

水樹奈々 21st Single – Phantom Minds

Yet another splendid single released by 水樹奈々さん ^^ , though this time round I wouldn’t be ordering it for another month or so until I get some spare cash… ゴメン…

As usual, LQ samples of the songs (click at the song title), but this time round its only a sample with 30% of the entire song, encoded in a higher bitrate. I feel that this way there’s more of an incentive to buy the actual single, though of course there’s always other means to get the songs if one has the will.

Phantom Minds: New composer it seems! 吉木絵里子. A google search has only returned 2 new songs composed by her? , one being 奈々さん’s Phantom Minds and another is for Every Little Thing’s あたらしい日々, which releases today. 奈々さん’s in her element with such fast and hot songs ^^, as can be seen in the Music Japan Anison Special 2.

Don’t be long: 矢吹俊郎. Nuff said.

Song Communication: Just relax and enjoy
十字架のスプレッド: I think this is the theme song for Shining Force Cross, but I could be wrong… Another catchy song. ^^

See more in my box:

White Album Character Song

Was really glad I am listening to these even though they are supposed to be on sale tomorrow…:)

Sample them in HE-AAC 48kbs
Morikawa Yuki’s (CV Hirano Aya) 恋色空

Ogata Rina’s (CV Mizuki Nana) POWDER SNOW

Would really like to buy and collect them, but as of now I am broke… so any purchases are shelfed for the next 3 months T_T