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Wonderfest Figures

This wonderfest has some nice figures slated to be released over the next few months…

This fate tesstarossa is a get… >< It’s just too cute ^^

After I ordered the Goodsmile version… here comes Alter with its own rendition of Senjyougahara Hitagi. I dare say I might not had ordered GSC’s one had I seen this first…… though both are awesome 😀

Dizzy from Guilty Gear. Quite nicely sculpted… if I go more cash on hand I wouldnt hesitate to order… …


Tsubasa Cat :3

Beatmania idol. Very nice clothes, twintail and nekomimi… mmmm…



Found this on the web. Makes Nadeko seem a lot more frightening isn’t it. Anyway, I have to agree with those 2chan-ers…… The OP’s MOE XD.