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Kotobukiya’s Kasugano Sora

Kasugano Sora

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魔法少女リリカルなのはA’s Portable

… Was what kept me busy for the past 2 days after I went on off. The game is decent, and since its one of my favourite アニメ with favourite seiyuus as well, such as 水樹奈々, 田村ゆかり and 植田佳奈. Its good to see Nanoha, Fate and Hayate in action again, even though its no exactly canon.

Was playing as Fate when I first started, but got pwn’ed early in the game so I decided to try out as Nanoha instead. Ends up I probably wouldn’t be able to get any of the Material characters in the game.

If you want Material-S (aka Dark Nanoha), you need 3 scrolls of (logic?). As for Material-L (Dark Fate) it is 3 scrolls of strength, and Material-D is 3 scrolls of the King. The scrolls are only given once, and you cant get all 3 materials in a save.

Character… … Gives
Nanoha… … …Logic 1
Vita… … … …Logic 2
Zafira… … … .Logic 3

Fate… … … ..Strength 1
Signum… … …Strength 2
Chrono… … …Strength 3

Hayate… … …King 1
Reinforce I… ..King 2
Shamal… … …King 3

Completing a character route will unlock CG for your viewing pleasure, such as these…



Had hoped that the game would be more engaging though. The replay value will drop alot after you complete the characters routes, and the vs room only consist of vs mode. If they add some other minigames in the vs mode, it would had encouraged people to play it more frequently.

White Album PS3

As I flipped through Comptiq 九月 last thursday, this article caught my eye. The AVG White Album, originally made back in 1998, will be given a remake, with a complete makeover of the character designs (more moe?!), and the anime’s seiyuu cast will also be used to voice this remake, meaning you’ll get to hear 平野綾さん and 水樹奈々さま. (^^)

But this bit of news is only to be rejoiced upon if you own a PS3 – Yes its released on a PS3 platform. 何故だ?! T_T

Now excuse me while I sulk in my corner…

因みに、the second season has started airing if I am not wrong. Lets hope for a Makoto end ala School Days.