To Do

[Edit 12 March]

Search and buy the following, for as low a cost as possible:

1 x mini rack to vertically shelf items, with space for hiding wires (Requirement changed, solved with other methods)

1 x brush, for dusting purposes (not done)

3 x cloth, microfibre, for cleaning purposes (need to buy again as the cloth have been expended for other purposes)

In addition, do the following if time permits after work and procrastination

Clean the 2 glass shelf (2/5 cleaned)

Wash the figurines (2 cleaned, many others still in the queue, some will probably never get cleaned completely)





Thought through for some time before sorting out my flickr and picasa to mirror each other. I think they looked a lot more organised now ^^

Figurines – I shall post figurine shots in this folder and slowly build up the variety instead of spamming shots… Might make it better this way…

Butterflies – Butterflies that I took in Singapore

Flowers – The various flowers I’ve taken in Singapore.

Random – Those random unclassfied shots will be put inside here.


No this post has got nothing to do work the anime Working!!

6 days into the job, one which my friend kindly introduced into… though sometimes i still spend time thinking whether i should had searched for familiar job scopes or a for some totally new experience. But the greatest thing I miss is still the luxury of being free to do whatever you want; ie: such as going out as and when I like it, watching anime 24/7, etc.

Moreover at this point of time, maybe its due to some events that I’d experienced or what, but I don’t see the point of putting in more hours than necessary for work. I had always thought of it as an exchange… … time and work traded for money which moves this world…

Though sitting on the desk also made me understood that my life cannot be like this for the rest of the x years, how long I am not sure of…

At least the job sets me thinking much more than I had so far…

After the ORD

September 12, 2010… Ran the Army Half Marathon of my own accord with my friend from the same camp. After the very run, my NS Days were truly over and a new phase of life was supposed to begin…

Although they said NS was a rite of passage, I cant help but feel a sense of dissonance when life really began… What now?

戸松遥 Wallpaper

From random

Linked her CD scans together for this 1680×1050 wallpaper… thought it would be nice to share 🙂

Kotobukiya’s Kasugano Sora

Kasugano Sora

Click to see more

Wonderfest Figures

This wonderfest has some nice figures slated to be released over the next few months…

This fate tesstarossa is a get… >< It’s just too cute ^^

After I ordered the Goodsmile version… here comes Alter with its own rendition of Senjyougahara Hitagi. I dare say I might not had ordered GSC’s one had I seen this first…… though both are awesome 😀

Dizzy from Guilty Gear. Quite nicely sculpted… if I go more cash on hand I wouldnt hesitate to order… …


Tsubasa Cat :3

Beatmania idol. Very nice clothes, twintail and nekomimi… mmmm…