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Perceptions, and (mis)Communication

So on yesterday morning, we went to clarify what is it that e-san was trying to mean, and realised that the things she wanted were quite different from the impression that she had given to the rest of us.

There is some point that I do agree in it. The meeting could had been more productive had there been some slides to guide through other than just the promotion form and T&C. Yet, it shouldn’t be brought to such a point where it affected the rest of the people in the meeting. How people perceive you is more important in this case, as bad impression breeds rumours and things can fall apart quickly from there on.



Human Problems

While waiting for the spinning ringo logo to complete its never ending query in the cloud, I turn my thoughts to this blog instead.

There was a training today where we had an understanding on the soon to be launched promotion event, and my colleague tenshi-san had took some of her own free time to come back and educate us on it. However things took a negative turn when another colleague e-san voiced her unhappiness on the entire session.

I find it disturbing that people will not put some heart into whatever that must be done. Why are people so exact to the dot…. I dont even question on what should I not be doing, I just do or find ways to get it done.

Only think about yourselves, has anyone considered my feelings as a direct in charge?

Am I supposed to suck it up and work harder? There’s a limit to what I can see, and as of now i am still doing work. Please dont add manpower issue to my problem.


Another Hectic day.

And of course it isnt over yet. Especially since its high time I must submit the long due workflow.

Without proper planning for redundancy, every staff movement means the remaining will have to take up the slack. I should form some ideas for solving these issues on a longer term basis.

I will have to think in regards of capability and nationality when solving these issues.

First World problems indeed.

Now back to work…

On local work

Being 2 years into working life, I am starting to dread the endless rat race that is Singapore.

I work in an office environment, supporting service centres’ in Singapore, and the pace is rather hectic. Being a typical Singapore SME, work is quite never ending. Other than daily work, I am expected to manage a small team and also work after office hours, doing administrative work that might actually be better outsourced to other people.

As I had mentioned, I am working in a typical Singapore SME. It also means that trust have to be built from within, and there are few people that they will trust wholeheartedly. Meaning to say that those half capable will probably be squeezed dry and those deemed mundane will probably be turned over soon. A rather said state of affairs in my opinion.

Weekends can never come fast enough, and before I know it, usually it has ended. As I am typing this, I am actually supposed to do some work and planning for the next upcoming promotion that we are starting soon. There really isnt much time other than after office hours, yet after I am done with my admin stuff its really late to start on it.

All this builds up and leads to inadequate time for myself.

In fact, I miss the freedom that 2 years of NS have provided me. Also the health. In NS, at least I get to exercise early mornings and be fit. Now, after I wake up on weekends its probably most of the day gone, due to inadequate sleep during weekdays. This isn’t defending NS though, it just to put across the point that working life in normal Singapore seems to be a vicious cycle that gets faster and faster.


Perhaps I am really a hopeless, procrastinating dude. Perhaps I should just get over it. Perhaps……

Random Thoughts – Pt form


why people work?

to earn a living

to gain experience

to widen contacts

job vs career

job implies less commitment

career implies willingness to put in extra effort

meaningful salary

what determines meaningful

how is market wage derived

how to avoid wage stagnation which all developed nations is currently stuck in

singapore is stuck with decreasing or flat wages for low/middle class, and exploding income for those who made it

example clercical and adminstrative work in sme has remain at 1.4-1.6k for 10 years

pmet basic also remained at 1.6-2k for 10 years

salary of ordinary drivers 1.1-1.5k for 15 years

cleaner salary 1.2-0.9k for past 10 years

meanwhile cost of living rising non stop

not saying about food and transport

those we the poor can scrimp and save out the amount

but hdb flat

how to afford?

if a 3 room also cost a lifetime to own

how can people dream

the current dream will come to an end

an abrupt end with no replacement

when that happens

what will singapore become?

what will i become

no life

no money

no friends

what does the future hold?

HDB Flats

It is my honest opinion Singapore is a country where innovation is sorely lacking. The entrenchment of top talent in the Civil Service and in the Safe sectors of Commerce also helped to preserve the status quo. As a result, in the past 10 years Singapore’s growth had relied greatly on cheaper and cheaper labour through displacement of its own citizens with ever cheaper labourers and PMETs from other developing countries.

Yet as wages remain stagnant, the cost of living has relentlessly rose, even if some of the factors were due to the current global instability. Still, it has meant that our low and middle class gets more and more poor at the expense of the rich.

The building of the 2 integrated resorts and promotion of Singapore as a Rich Man’s safe haven also helped to exacerbate the rich poor divide.

I believe however that innovation and a sense of justice can help to minimize our problems.

In the UK, we have seen the unveiling of the Raspberry Pi, a simple Personal Computer for only SGD58. This concept was first thought by a group of university students who lamented the current state of electronics and wanted something simple yet functional for the masses. They put their thoughts into action and after a few years of experimenting then discussions with their local manufacturers, today we have the Raspberry Pi shipping out to the World!

Having this in mind, we have to think along the lines and develop cheap, durable and easy to construct buildings that can house our population. With the earlier batches of HDB flats getting old, we may need to demolish them and build new units on their site. If we can lower cost of affording a flat to levels that would not saddle people with a generation of debt, surely it will do much to improve national well being and stress levels.

Only when people are free that they will be able to contribute to society meaningfully.

Essential items in a bag

To re-issue the following to the main bag and think of ways to compartmentise in as little space and weight as possible:

1x Tea bag/ 1x Coffee bag/ 1x soup pack

1x Tab of Panadol/ 2x Plaster

1x Pen/ 1xPencil/ 1x Measuring Tape/ 1x Black Tape/ 1x Torch Light

Remaining space to be comfortable enough to store the following items:

1x Headphone/ 1x MP3 Player