Human Problems

While waiting for the spinning ringo logo to complete its never ending query in the cloud, I turn my thoughts to this blog instead.

There was a training today where we had an understanding on the soon to be launched promotion event, and my colleague tenshi-san had took some of her own free time to come back and educate us on it. However things took a negative turn when another colleague e-san voiced her unhappiness on the entire session.

I find it disturbing that people will not put some heart into whatever that must be done. Why are people so exact to the dot…. I dont even question on what should I not be doing, I just do or find ways to get it done.

Only think about yourselves, has anyone considered my feelings as a direct in charge?

Am I supposed to suck it up and work harder? There’s a limit to what I can see, and as of now i am still doing work. Please dont add manpower issue to my problem.

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