On local work

Being 2 years into working life, I am starting to dread the endless rat race that is Singapore.

I work in an office environment, supporting service centres’ in Singapore, and the pace is rather hectic. Being a typical Singapore SME, work is quite never ending. Other than daily work, I am expected to manage a small team and also work after office hours, doing administrative work that might actually be better outsourced to other people.

As I had mentioned, I am working in a typical Singapore SME. It also means that trust have to be built from within, and there are few people that they will trust wholeheartedly. Meaning to say that those half capable will probably be squeezed dry and those deemed mundane will probably be turned over soon. A rather said state of affairs in my opinion.

Weekends can never come fast enough, and before I know it, usually it has ended. As I am typing this, I am actually supposed to do some work and planning for the next upcoming promotion that we are starting soon. There really isnt much time other than after office hours, yet after I am done with my admin stuff its really late to start on it.

All this builds up and leads to inadequate time for myself.

In fact, I miss the freedom that 2 years of NS have provided me. Also the health. In NS, at least I get to exercise early mornings and be fit. Now, after I wake up on weekends its probably most of the day gone, due to inadequate sleep during weekdays. This isn’t defending NS though, it just to put across the point that working life in normal Singapore seems to be a vicious cycle that gets faster and faster.


Perhaps I am really a hopeless, procrastinating dude. Perhaps I should just get over it. Perhaps……

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