Random Thoughts – Pt form


why people work?

to earn a living

to gain experience

to widen contacts

job vs career

job implies less commitment

career implies willingness to put in extra effort

meaningful salary

what determines meaningful

how is market wage derived

how to avoid wage stagnation which all developed nations is currently stuck in

singapore is stuck with decreasing or flat wages for low/middle class, and exploding income for those who made it

example clercical and adminstrative work in sme has remain at 1.4-1.6k for 10 years

pmet basic also remained at 1.6-2k for 10 years

salary of ordinary drivers 1.1-1.5k for 15 years

cleaner salary 1.2-0.9k for past 10 years

meanwhile cost of living rising non stop

not saying about food and transport

those we the poor can scrimp and save out the amount

but hdb flat

how to afford?

if a 3 room also cost a lifetime to own

how can people dream

the current dream will come to an end

an abrupt end with no replacement

when that happens

what will singapore become?

what will i become

no life

no money

no friends

what does the future hold?

  1. At least a clerk in SG still a lot compared to a clerk working in the Philippines. Even cleaners there are payed more compared to our country

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