No this post has got nothing to do work the anime Working!!

6 days into the job, one which my friend kindly introduced into… though sometimes i still spend time thinking whether i should had searched for familiar job scopes or a for some totally new experience. But the greatest thing I miss is still the luxury of being free to do whatever you want; ie: such as going out as and when I like it, watching anime 24/7, etc.

Moreover at this point of time, maybe its due to some events that I’d experienced or what, but I don’t see the point of putting in more hours than necessary for work. I had always thought of it as an exchange… … time and work traded for money which moves this world…

Though sitting on the desk also made me understood that my life cannot be like this for the rest of the x years, how long I am not sure of…

At least the job sets me thinking much more than I had so far…

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