This month was a quite chaotic month, with several important events in camp… … Some lessons that one should glean from…

1. Life isn’t fair, a rank that is not mine will never be mine
1.1. Working so hard in camp is meaningless when
1.2. Hogging the 3G network for 3 consecutive months is the criteria for the promotion

2. Outfield
2.1. Made me appreciate a proper bed once again
2.2. Made me appreciate the relatively mosquito free homes that we now live in
2.3. Was a place of untold tales where people bonded into a cohesive team
2.4. Was also a place where grudges and vengeance can manifest in simple ways that hurts…
2.5. Made me appreciate the good roads we have compared to mud and gravel

3. ORD
3.1. That my time will eventually come
3.2. That its time I pass down my skills to the new people and prepare for retirement
3.3. That my hard work in camp may eventually come to naught since I will ORD in September if all goes well…

I guess I should do things in moderation instead of working so hard last year…

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