Winter Anime Ends…

Within this 2 weeks, Winter 2009 アニメ will officially end and transit into Spring 2010 releases. Looking back, of all the series that I originally followed, some were quickly neglected and left to a lone corner in the hard disk. Yet some others exceeded original expectations and provided plot and enjoyment to the short weekends most NSF had… …


Ookamikakushi performed to expectations generally, with nice artwork first introduced to me via Sora no Otoshimono which was also another above average show… I liked how they introduced everything to be so sugary sweet before the wolfmen were bought into it and people started getting crazy.


Poor Kobato… I hope this story will eventually get a happy end, but seems to be not quite possible as she has to complete collecting the konpeito by the next full moon… and choosing between Fujimoto or fufilling her wish u_u…


Ok…… was quite interesting watching this dumb show where Kota excels in upskirt pantsu shots but never getting to take one since either he will nosebleed to death or yoshii will appear to conveniently block his shot… add in a trap hideyoshi, the sadistic one sided relationship between shoko and yuuji (shana and yuuji? rofl i sure miss my sns) and the bijin (although I think shoko looks more moe -_-) Himeji Mizuki and a day gets abit more enjoyable.


Wa…. Moel is so… 大胆!Next episode will see the enemy charging from no man’s land to their peaceful city…


Sniff sniff… no more lesbian acting between Mikoto and Kuroko… no more Saten Ruiko… no more Konori senpai… Lets hope theres more of them soon… JC Staff, dont fly our kite again like what you did with Shakugan no Shana ;_;

Other honourable mentions: Kiddy Girl-and wasnt that bad actually, plus we get to see the old lumiere and eclair in action (even if its for 1 line ^^)

Series that was left on the table…: Chubra… Sorry minorin… it was too cheesy for me to watch at this moment, plus the bgm didnt leave me with a memorable experience.

Omamorihimari… Ok, I had to admit… Some things are better left in manga form. This is one of them.

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