Busy month…

March is a busy month… with so many things to do in camp. Next week I’ll be driving around to help do some stuff, probably taking up most of the week. Then there’s next week’s outfield which I’ll be involved as an AI this time round. That means yet another week of camp life burnt, and of course, another month will be over just like that.

People in my camp always have the opinion that we are slack, but seriously no one gives a hoot when we work… into the wee hours sometimes, or somewhere out in the wild, away from camp and the familiar HDB blocks. Then there’s the amount of saikang that we take, where some other companies sometimes gets to taichi away because they are on overseas exercise. Or the number of down PES personnel are in such numbers that they are unable to do saikang at all…

Life is not always a bed of roses for my company okay…

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