NewType’s Anime Picks

Was reading NewType in camp last week, but didn’t really have the time and privacy to do a proper blog post… They actually did quite a good job in publishing all “catchier” looking anime for the winter season, and out of those I narrowed down to these…



Looks like a school romance kind of anime with magic and monster summons…



Another of 西尾維新’s works, I look forward to it since his amazing 化物語 with the fluid story telling and refreshingly different style from what I’ve read/seen so far… I see ゆかりん and 中原麻衣… XD



Ah, I have been looking forward to this anime adaption ever since it was announced a few months back in various sources. Yuuto the neko allergy protoganist of this anime reunited with his cat demon servant of his, himari. Her job? To protect him from his family’s many demon enemies, as his family was a reowned demon slayer clan in ancient times… Though not to be too concerned with the synopsis I provided, as it is a harem anime actually… rofl

Seiyuu Cast looks decent as well, with Koshimizu Ami and Ono Daisuke, hopefully this is a good series to last the winter… Only one grouse is the animation doesn’t really do the manga justice…



Art looked interesting… Though 07 Expansion’s Umineko no Naku Koro Ni left me a bit dissappointed…



XD Lolis……. Are lolicious…

Last but not least, ちゅーぶら!!Its a dumb show about youth, growing up and pantsu. But actually I am watching this show only because 茅原実里 has a voice in it…いや、恥ずかしい…

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