Laptop died…

… Booked out yestererday after a week of duty in camp.

Was using the laptop and launched a game, when it crashed at the game screen… A restart and reentry into the game made it worse… this time the screen corrupted, then refused to output to screen at all; vga output barely managed a corrupted output…

The X700, which had been working for 4 years, died. Since I dont have money to assemble a new computer (yet), repairing this aging Heavy Crusier is the next best option…

Luckily the technician at IT FIX was very helpful and after 28hours of drydock, it was revived.

Next time, maybe I shouldn’t have made a continuous savings of $200 that I can only take out upon ORD, then at least I would had the option of salvage or putting into plans of building a new Battleship (PC)…

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