Alter Fate T Harlaown Sonic Form

So I collected my Alter Fate T Harlaown Sonic Form from the local Ani-Play today.

While at there I also saw the actually very nice figurine for Fate in swimsuit made by Gift and Goodsmile, which I actually regret not ordering a few months back then due to the preview picture which was underwhelming… Now since it retails for $200, it will probably take me a few months to save up before I can afford her (and also there’s the need to get Nanoha if I’d actually get her…)

Whereas back then Fate was a 10 year old ロリ, the Fate now is a 17 year old with an excellent figure.

This picture and the next were taken without flash. One can easily see the colour difference between the 2.

This Fate is a quantum leap over previous なのは figures that Alter has produced so far.

Protection was not skimmed on either, with 5 layers of plastic protecting each layer; Base, Zanbers, Hair, etc. I had to cut through tape and more tape before I can open the clear casing.


See more pictures of Alter Fate (Sonic Form) here:

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