Detolf Cabinet

So I finally bought a Detolf Cabinet, as with most poor figurine collector, fixed it up after doing a saturday guard, and added in the figurines.

My collection is only a modest one, all paid with sweat and blood and along with the “allowance” from the army. Though I am proud of owning them ^_^.

Though in future I would save up and buy a long acrylic box instead of a wall cabinet, as a long box allows more flexibility in arranging figures compared to a cabinet’s limited space. For example, Fate Tesstarossa’s Bardiche Zanber would have occupied the entire diagonal length of the given space, making arrangement of other figures hard, especially since the purpose of displaying is for viewing pleasure. Also, even if Fate is to be included into the cabinet, the Riot Zanber Fate which I am collecting this Friday or Saturday will not have the space to get displayed as well…

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