Scanning my 声優 Posters

I’m a very lazy person, so I didn’t blog last week, instead spending the time on this unintruiging sandbox known as Anno 1404.

Anyway, yesterday I wanted to scan some my 声優 Posters as I wanted a digital backup so that whatever I do to them in future (eg: laminating), even if the process fails, I still have a copy for storage…

Then again, armed with only a HP F4185 that isn’t bought on my own money, the scan quality isn’t that great to begin with -_-. Luckily there’s always Photoshop and the internet for tips on reducing moire.

So the end result after demoire-ing a 600dpi to 1280×800:
(Click for full version)

ところで, Nov 18 was Chihara Minori’s birthday! Although late, I still wish her a happy birthday ^_^

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