White Album PS3

As I flipped through Comptiq 九月 last thursday, this article caught my eye. The AVG White Album, originally made back in 1998, will be given a remake, with a complete makeover of the character designs (more moe?!), and the anime’s seiyuu cast will also be used to voice this remake, meaning you’ll get to hear 平野綾さん and 水樹奈々さま. (^^)

But this bit of news is only to be rejoiced upon if you own a PS3 – Yes its released on a PS3 platform. 何故だ?! T_T

Now excuse me while I sulk in my corner…

因みに、the second season has started airing if I am not wrong. Lets hope for a Makoto end ala School Days.

  1. October 4th, 2009
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